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Default Re: Melo his future....

From day one I was one of the biggest Melo supporters but to be honest I think it's time to trade him.

Why ?

First of all it's not a sure thing he will re-sign with us. We aren't going to win a championship with him being #1 option either.
This team is a mess. Just a bunch of idiots,low IQ chuckers and those who don't fit that description don't have any talent.

I say blow it all up. We can get some solid role players and/or a couple of picks for Melo. We can get something good for Tyson Chandler as well. Despite playing so poorly I think we can even get something for J.R.

My plan:
1. Trade Melo before the deadline and get some solid role players and/or picks. Preferably trade him for a good penetrating point guard like Dragić
2. Explore what we can get for Tyson. If there's not a solid deal then keep him until his contract is expired and then try to re-sign him for less money. If he won't re-sign for less,let him go.
3. Get rid of J.R.Smith. THIS IS A MUST. I don't care for what. Just get rid of him
4. Get rid of Iman Shumpert. He started to suck,obviously doesn't want to play here anymore and is injury prone
5. Keep Hardaway,Felton and Kenyon Martin but stick them to the bench. Maybe start Hardaway if he continues to improve.
6. Wait until Amare's contract expires and don't re-sign him.
7. Re-sign Bargnani for SIGNIFICANTLY less money. If he doesn't want to show him the door.
8. During the summer sign only players that can defend and hit a three at a solid rate.
9. Fire Woodson and give opportunity to some coach with an assistant coach experience. It worked out for Celtics and Hawks.
10. Fill big man positions with youth.

Build a great defensive team who can shoot the ball,will move the ball around and is filled with a high IQ players. There wouldn't be a superstar on the team but you can hope one of the players will evolve into a star or that you'll get lucky in the draft.

We probably won't win a championship either way but I would rather watch a mediocre team that will defend,move the ball and play the right way every night than watch a bunch of low IQ chuckers. Who knows,maybe one of them evolve into a star (look at Paul George and Indiana) and we become contenders.


Penetrating point guard / Felton / Another guard
Defensive guard that can hit a three / Tim Hardaway Jr.
Defensive wing that can hit a three /
Andrea Bargnani / Young power forward / Kenyon Martin
Tyson Chandler / Young center

I know there's a lot of positions unfilled but those players will be either acquired in Melo/J.R. trade,signed during free agency and draft.
Bargnani is in there because we need some scoring and a penetrating point guard will create better looks for the teammates and the team wouldn't just be launching threes all game long,they would be able to attack the rim. Bargnani isn't a good help defender but if other 4 positions are filled with defenders then they would cover up his weaknesses and he wouldn't need to help as much,he's a solid 1-on-1 defender.

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