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Default Does Anyone Else Get The Feeling

That this just isn't going to work? At this point of the season you can usually tell what you're team is going to do. We have a losing record with 3 of the best bigs in the game. I really think the Pistons have to think about moving Smith. It certainly hasn't helped that Stuckey has been injured so much. He's honestly been Detroit's best scorer. I really like what he's done, but every year he's missed quite a few games. That doesn't help this team get into the playoffs. I never really wanted to lose Stuckey, but I would think a package with him and Smith could bring back a pretty good player and someone who will mesh better. I really haven't given much thought as to who that would be, but we were supposed to make the playoffs this year. I really wish we just didn't sign Smith and gave some guys a 1 year deal and then we ended up in the high lottery at this point. Then Charlotte wouldn't get our pick and we'd have a really good young team. As it stands now we're going to give them a heckuva good draft pick.
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