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Originally Posted by RaininThrees
I doubt that he'd say anything if he had enough to get one of those guys. Where's the benefit in saying anything at all? "I have a ton of money to spend, who wants to take it?" doesn't do anything for leverage.

Frankly, though... if they miss out on Garza/Ubaldo/Santana/Tanaka I'd be much more comfortable with them standing pat and seeing what they have in the likes of Drabek, Hutchison, Nolin & Stroman than giving up even more assets on a pitcher (unless we're talking about a top-tier guy).

Oh, hi guys. I'm back, I guess.

Wb. Gotta make your next post worthwhile.

Ubaldo intrigues me, but I think he's tied to a first round pick (I think for us it'll be a 2nd-3rd). And I absolutely want the Jays to be in on Tanaka. If nothing else, raise the price for the Yankees.
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