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Default Re: Blake Bortles looking to be the top QB pick for the 2014 draft

I like the looks of Bortles as a longterm prospect. Obviously, he has the size and athleticism. He's built in the mold of a Ben Roethlisberger or Joe Flacco.

He has what looks to be good arm strength. On those outs or quick-hitters to the sidelines, he gets is there very quickly and looks to have a nice, quick release.

His accuracy, especially on intermediate routes, appears to be his most serious issue. He could probably benefit from another year at UCF, but I doubt he goes back.

All said, I like what I've seen of him and I wouldn't complain if he were the Browns' choice at 4. I've heard there is a lot of interest in him by the front office, btw. If he's there and Bridgewater is gone, I'd bet on Bortles being the pick.
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