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Default Re: To contend, or not to contend?

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I read on some blog (can't remember where) that due to CBA rules on extensions and raises, an extension right now during the season would limit Lowry's years and dollars. Basically, for Lowry, he'll get more money with a new contract if he reaches free agency regardless if it's with Toronto or another team. So there's no incentive for him to sign an extension other than a deep sense of loyalty to the Raptors ( )

To me the options right now are:

1) Trade Lowry. How do you spin trading your, IMO, best player to the casual fanbase? Ujiri's primary job is always to make money for the franchise.

2) Try to re-sign him in free agency. Key word being "try". No guarantees there.

3) Let him walk in free agency and lose an asset for nothing.

That seems Bass Ackwards, now doesn't it?
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