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Arrow Unforgettable moments in your basketball life.

There are things where you will never forget in your life. For me, it was a basketball league game heartbreaking clutch situation...... -_____-

6 seconds left on the timer. The opponent threw it all the way across the half-court & I intercepted it, so as soon as I caught the ball - I WENT STRAIGHT TO KOBE MODE. I was like, "This is it, this is my time! MY MOMENT! I won't fail you, Kobe!!!!" HAHAHA.

I could hear them counting down ( 6,5,4...) ... I was so nervous ... dribbled the ball across the court, 2 wide open teammates, but ‪#‎YOLO‬. So 2 guys tried to trap me as I was trying to create a shot & close out the game ... but I got away, so as soon as I got away I shot the ball (side-ish of the free throw line) but before I even released the ball - 1 dude came out of nowhere & blocked the shot -_______- TOTALLY RUINED EVERYTHING.

But thankfully, the boneheaded ref called it a foul & gave me 2 free throws. HAHAHA
But..... I missed both.

It was exactly like this (0:17) --->
But mine got blocked

I've had a lot of successful clutch situations & there were times where I missed it, but that one could have been the sweetest. From the top of my head, I'm 9-3 or 5. 6 from my school, & 3 from basketball leagues.

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