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Default Re: To contend, or not to contend?

Originally Posted by Too_Cool
Which option is ass backwards?

I would go with door #1 but the fanbase would erupt as Qwygibo mentioned

Limiting the amount a player can get from his existing team in an extension seems backwards.

In this case, it'd be bad for the Raps to have to wait (if they want to extend) and then have free market pressures on him.

Also, it's bad for the player.

Assume the scenario:

- Raps want to lock-up Lowry, but can't due to this rule
- Lowry has a Garbajosa-like injury sometime between now and free agency

Obviously the team is saved in this scenario, but the Player has his future security compromised because he wasn't able to lock-up due to some CBA rule.

If the guy wants to sign and the team wants to sign him at agreeable terms, seems silly to not be able to do that.
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