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Default Re: What do you guys do for a living?

Originally Posted by Wadeisabeast
I'm a teller at a bank. I've been working about 7months and have about $3,000 saved up. I live at home, so the only things I have to buy are gas/food/phone, and golf clubs.

How do you like it??? I went for an interview on Monday it seemed really nice.... The lady I interviewd with seemed really cool, really laid back... The attitude at this bank is, have fun aslong as you get your work done...

Right now Im waiting on a call back because they are checking out my credit and background history which are clean so I should be good to go...

She said starting pay is between 10-15 an hour, Im hoping I get 12.

Its also Full-time which is great, gives me the chance to move out and get my own place.
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