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Default Re: To contend, or not to contend?

Originally Posted by Grey Dawn
Woo-hoo! Stuck in no-man's land!

So anything other than 1st seed is "No Man's Land"?

IMO, I feel like coming into the season Masai was praying for either one of two things. Either we completely stink or we make some noise. Prior to the Rudy trade, I feel like Masai thought we were in "No Man's Land", forcing his hand to make a deal. Once the deal was made, he knew it was for better or worse, but was fine with either result.

Lol @ so called fans on here acting like winning leads to a dead end. Whatever road we take will open many opportunities for us, and I think everyone should trust Masai to make the right moves.

If we continue to win, we'll have a solid core to build on with the cap space and picks we have. Also, everyone's value will be at their highest if Masai needs to make a change.

It's not the end of the world guys, enjoy this run because history shows that this Raptors franchise is very unpredictable.
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