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Default Threw down a lightweight slam in pickup today

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Originally Posted by Twin Beadles
Yeah and it was weird cause i always imagined my first dunk to be off 1 leg with continuous momentum and 1 handed.

What happened was I was getting guarded by the slowest guy on the court so I got by him with a weird 1 handed crossover with my left hand starting from the right side of my body. Normally I would keep going straight to the basket with my left but theres like this 6'6 hispanic dude(played d1 for ucsb) floating around so I crossed over again narrowly avoiding the reach of the 6'6 guy and another dude(should have went behind the back instead of crossing over in front of me) and then there was only one guy left to beat, an unathletic looking 6'2ish white guy but I didn't underestimate him cause he got a mean swat on my finger roll attempt a few possesions ago, so I jumpstopped and did a very slight pump/ballfake, watched him fly by and realize I'm all by myself and rose up and did what felt like a weird 2 handed lay in but I felt my fingers slap rim as i came down. Almost no power though cause all my power was spent getting up.

then the ex d1 guy grinned and said "oh shit air china in the building betta watch out fam"
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