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Default Re: Predict the starting five next season

MAVS will not be the same if there is no DIRK.

Dirk is one of those rare superstars who keeps his feet on the ground, I mean look at those superstars with big heads because they know that they are elite but Dirk is not like that.

KG is a great player might be Tantamount or may be a little bit, hairline more better than Dirk, may be because -attitude wise in his leadership, and there may be many critics about Dirk's game but I know and I trust that He can Mavs can win championship with Dirk. Where The hell on earth can you find a 7 foot complete player who can shoot the 3's. KG can shot but not as consistent as Dirk esp. beyond the arc.

Projected ROSTER

Harris/Telfair/Anthony Johnson
Dirk/Marc Gasol
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