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Default Re: Basketball Diary

OK I'm back ISH Fam

Went Holidaying in Kuala Lumpur over the Christmas break, good to get away from work. Bought 2 pairs of Lebron XI's while there too, can't wait to break them in.

How bout you guys, how was your Christmas?

Now, on to the business.
Only managed to play twice since last post, all the courts shut over the break, so it's hard to get a game unless you know some people.
I ended up getting some games with my mate, whose dad runs a comp.
All the older filo guys play. Only problem I have playing with older filo dudes is that they play dirty.

First sesh, went ok, jumpshot was outta rhythm and my handles were a bit loose. Hit a few mid range J's but also bricked a couple, and an air ball. But as a whole, wasn't horrible. First time playing with this group, being the only white guy there, I didn't get any respect. So when I hit my first few shots it felt good. Didn't really enjoy playing with this group to much though.

Second sesh was a week later, after the new years break. With the same group as before, but took my brother with me. He experienced the same disrespect I did the week earlier. He didn't really get many scoring opportunities as his more of a physical hustle player. Did bank a 3 in and score some post buckets though.
Again, my J was just not right, did hit a couple though. But my handles felt worse than the previous week. Lost the ball quite easily a couple times. Our team lost every game, only by a few points. However in the final game, against the tallest team, we played our best. I believe we were robbed of a win by the refs.
Felt like they were calling bs fouls against us. I don't know if it had anything to do with me and my bro being white, but it wouldn't be the first time I've had this experience with older filo guys. We also got called for a shot clock violation on our very last play, after the shot was released, and after they had not made that call all day... teams had quite often had over 30 seconds...

Not sure if I plan on going back to that sesh seeing us the sesh I run on Saturdays is starting back up this week.
Also, the team that I use to play on is starting again in the next few weeks, so can't wait to play with those guys again. Hopefully our chemistry and flow comes back rather quick after having 6 months off.

That's all for now, probably update again later this week, going to a sesh on Wednesday night that my mate runs, his going to be training fundamentals so it will be good to learn seeing as I have mainly been self taught.
Also starting my skipping routine again after the break off. Put on about 4-5kg's / approx 9 pounds, so hoping to get back into better shape than before.

AI2D Out
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