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Default Re: EC Final Standing ? Anyone willing to make bold predictions ?

Originally Posted by Sakkreth
So the highest Toronto was picked to finnish in the east was 6th seed (by Legends and Kwajo), if you had to make the list now, wouldn't it be like the lowest someone would put em ?

Who knew ? Brooklyn as bad as it was ? The Knicks too? Knicks are always problematic. They always seem to be in the mix and because but every three to five years have an unpredictable "team ego/ownership ego" blow up.

I had Toronto 8. :) Given their record right now that is where they would have ended up in a "normal season" if such a thing exists.

Biggest surprise :

1) Atlanta. I thought they lost too much in the off season and would drop back substantially. I had no reason to believe Mislap could be that valuable. Congrats to them
2) The Cavs. Not just Bynum either. Their Argentine Center is back... the team had another year to gell... I thought they would be much better.
3) Bucks.. I had them dropping and a bad ball team. I thought they would chase Bargnani to anchor the middle in the offseason. I just had no idea they would be this bad soo soon.
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