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Default How do I improve, just shot 93/100 free throws in a row in practice (self collect)...

Very satisfied. was my 2nd attempt of the day. The first was 88/100.
I am considered a better shooter by my peers, but in game though can be streaky. Im not athletic, 5'9 and struggle to shoot against defenders at times. (this guys are not even playing any organized ball, just solid regulars at the court).

I can't jump high, and only ever touched the rim once or twice when I was like 21 or so. Now far from touching any rim.I have very short reach though (think jj barea and i ever measured my standing reach to be 7'4 or so)

im quick but not jitterbug quick. I have good handles, I can do any kind of dribbles. In game, I tend to try to look for the open man too much (I believe in my opinion). My peers tend to play the euro kind of style. If there's a open man pass it. It gets into my head too much and sometimes I don't know whether to attack all the way or drive and dish, and then it affects my whole play because I do it half-heartedly. Like If I attack all the way, I might get tunnel vision and not see an open man. But If I tried to attack the rim and look for the open man the same time, defenders close on me easily...

Anyway these are some of the things that concern me. I believe if I had a good vertical, i'll be a much much better player, is there anyone who shares the same struggle and how do I get better?
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