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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Novels

Does anyone else think that upon reflection that the smartest thing Joffrey ever did was kill Ned Stark?

He did for incredibly stupid reasons though, but unintentionally he extended his reign.

Had Cersei's plan worked and Ned had been sent to the wall, dont you think, that once Stannis raised the banners of war to claim the throne, Ned would have advised Robb to join his armies to Stannis'?

By Killing Ned, it created the situation where Stannis would have had to convince robb to join him off of his charisma, which as much as I love stannis he lacks.

With Ned alive, I firmly believe Robb would have sought out his advice, and out of honor and respect for the line of succession, Ned would have advised Robb to support Stannis's claim.

With his northern forces and the riverland forces of his mothers family, Robb could have held off/delayed the Lannister and Tyrell Reinforcements and given Stannis a clean shot at Kings Landing.
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