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Default Re: ISH Legends and Myths

I'd like to nominate the time CF86 tore both tendons in his knee in a horrific fall and blacked out and almost died shooting hoops by himself:

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
. Went to make a cut to the basket and slipped. I heard a popping noise and watched my knee/leg fold the opposite direction underneath me. This sucks. I'm out of work until further notice. The pain was so bad I blacked out multiple times until a bystander finally called 911. Said I was having seizures too.

Anyways not trying to vent just wondering if any of you guys have had these types of injuries. Any advice besides stay off of it? I can walk a little bit but me knee gives out randomly and it hurts bad when that happens.

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Pain is worse now that I've been sitting without getting up for an hour. Swelling REALLY kicking in now... can't even bend knee. At hospital swelling stayed lower and I could walk a tad bit because I never rested... had to keep getting in and out of wheelchair for tests. It's so swollen I can't even bend my knee half way. Never felt so helpless before. Even simple things like going to restroom or taking a shower are now going to be extremely painful/sucky.

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Well I didn't add an important detail because it seemed unnecessary but... It started to sprinkle a tiny bit and I didn't think it would matter if I put up a few more shots. So I cut right for a pull up jumper and basically did the splits... but the left knee buckled.
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