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Default Re: 2014 Australian Open of Tennis

Originally Posted by gigantes
high temps and fast courts. bad for nadal and old man federer (for different reasons). pretty good for murray and djokes.

i guess djoker beats a laggy murray in the final, given the draw.

Not fast courts I`m afraid. Very slow hard courts means grind fest, also known as Nadal`s favorite thing.

My favorite, Federer, has very very slim chances here. His form is very bad. I think it`s up to Nole to prevent Nadal from taking this. Murray is recovering still and can not be expected much of, unfortunately.

Maybe a slightly lower ranked player can make a run?
Del Potro? I fear the courts are too slow him.

I`ll go with Jerzy Janowicz, even if the same applies to him imho.

Maybe Tsonga could make som noise. Would be fun.

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