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Doc is more of player coach. Brian Hill if more of an X's & O's coach. That's the main difference between the 2 coaches.

The GM who acquired Grant Hill & Tracy McGrady (Gabriel) did a decent job through the draft and free agency during his time in office, but not enough. Same thing with the one and done GM after Gabriel who traded McGrady to Houston and then traded Cuttino Mobley. This second GM (forgot his name) was a hockey guy with no real grasp on b-ball (thank god he's gone).

Otis Smith has done and decent job so far bringing in players. It's only his first true year as the GM of the Magic - he shared the duty with another after the hockey GM resigned. Give Otis some time. So far he's picked up players who have proven themselves at the college level through the draft, cept for the mess with Fran Vasquez. All GM's are going to have hits and misses.

As far as the topic... I think Amare will be ok. Hopefully he won't be held back by a bothersome knee during his career. Howard will be just as special. As long as Howard adds to his offensive repetoire he'll be among the top in the league.
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