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Default Re: Predict the starting five next season

Big Al, while it would be nice, I only see resigning Stack and Strawberry at 60 as having a chance of happening.

I don't think picks 34 and 50 are enough to get in the range to get Splitter. At least not in this draft.

Charlotte has a ton of cap space and probably isn't going to let Wallace go. Besides they already have a young undersized pg they like in Felton. Do they even want Jet?

Hornets have said they plan to resign Mason unless he wants too much. MLE and Ager are less than what he's making now. Unless a miracle happens and Mason wants to take a pay cut to come back to Texas. They got rid of J.R Smith, who Ager isn't even as good as. So I don't see them being interested.

Denver has no other pg besides AI, they are looking to keep Blake at this point. I think it's going to take more than the LLE to get him.

I really have no idea right now what they are going to do about the sg situation. So I'll cop out and give this lineup for the moment.

? / Howard
Howard / ?
Diop (though I wouldn't be surprised to see Damp get it to keep him from pouting)
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