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Originally Posted by TheReal Kendall
Damn you lucky! I got Pippen on my first try but I want MJ. Kinda hesitant to open another bulls pack though.

I got Jerry West, Sam Jones, Detlef Schrempf, Pippen, and Wilt as my starting 5

I played a dude that had MJ and dude was missing everything with him and losing the ball like crazy with MJ I didn't get to finish the game though cause my son hit the power button.

I'm get MJ before the packs expire.

Edit: Just got MJ, Will purdue, Larry Johnson and Dr.J I think if you buy VC and use vc to buy the packs you got a better shot at getting good players. I could be wrong though. Might just be luck
At least you have West. I really wanted him with those packs. I guess Wilt was a nice consolation prize but I wanted both :P I'm gonna buy some VC on Friday so I can open a bunch of packs and try and get Dr. J and Magic, or Pippen if I get one of those guys with MT points.
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