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Originally Posted by Shade8780
At least you have West. I really wanted him with those packs. I guess Wilt was a nice consolation prize but I wanted both :P I'm gonna buy some VC on Friday so I can open a bunch of packs and try and get Dr. J and Magic, or Pippen if I get one of those guys with MT points.

Wilt hasn't been good for me thought. He was getting worked by Hibbert last night. Dude put up 25 on me with him and Wilt had 4 fouls by the end of the half.

I kinda feel bad cause I waited til I got a decent team before during the RTTP and now people just talk shit cause my team is so much better. I'm in the 7th seed now. I really just wanted to run the the RTTP and not be frustrated with my bronze scrubs.

I'm loving my team though. I don't want any current players but I probably try and get all the collections done though.

But teams I'm gonna run with gonna be all historic players
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