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Default Re: Unforgettable moments in your basketball life.

Streetball - playing three on guy rose up for a jump shot over my team mate at the free throw line, I run over horizontally and blocked that ish...don't know if I described that right....basically you know when you see shot blockers send a shot all the way to the stands, it was like that....I caught that ball so clean it clanged against the side wall basketball rim...Never had a block like that ever since....more than a decade ago!!

League - happened end of last year's league. Final game, we're number 2 playing against the league no1...I am totally non-athletic right Achilles is so bad I can barely run or jump these days...I've turned into Jason Kidd with the Knicks last year...

Acknowledging the fact that I can't make layups anymore, I've developed this running one handed bank shot - only from the left...can't make it on the right for some reason....

6 seconds left, tied game, just managed to sneak into the lane on the left and chucked it up.....hit the board and the rim a couple of winner...felt great!!! old man bank shot gets it done!
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