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Played a RTTP game and pretty happy about the outcome. I get matched up with someone who has Deron Williams as his SG, Mark Price for his PG, and Ty Lawson off the bench. I know this guy will abuse the 3 so I change my settings to play tight. As predicted, he abuses the 3s and does cheesy reach ins after I rebound. He doesn't go full on cheese though.

I test him by posting up with Aldridge. I back him down for an easy hook shot. He comes back with ridiculous 3s, even if they are deep. He still leads me by 2 or 3 points every trip. I keep handing it to Aldridge on offense and I abuse him every single time until he pauses the game to change defensive settings. Then I realized how to defend him.

After he finishes his defensive changes, I make mine to pressure his perimeter players hard and no hedging. David West comes in for Aldridge and I continue abusing the low post. He never uses his front court for offense, so I switch to my center every single defensive possession. Now shots for him are bricking and I box out to grab the rebound every time. He starts making mistakes, which lead to fast breaks with Pistol Pete or MKG attacking the rim. I pull ahead 30-22 and he rage quits in the middle of the 2nd quarter.
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