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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Played a few sessions this week, nothing to major though as its been mid 40 degrees all week... in other words, hot as feck.

However, my social team that I play for has started back up after taking a 6 month hiatus.
Played our first game on Tuesday (2 days ago.)
We were against a very tall team but with no real ball handler.

Our team is made up of 8 people.

There's me, I'm the starting PG, the strongest ball handler on the team, really the only ball handler on the team, and the best passer. I am probably the leader on offense, but I don't really look at it like that.

My bro, who Is much like a combo of a forward and guard. He is same height as me, 5'8, but he gyms a lot so his built. Strong inside, hustles on D and fast breaks, not a great ball handler but probably the second best.

Then our C, about 6'4, not very skilled, but has a lot of heart and is more defensive minded. does get quite a few offensive rebounds though.

Our SF is also tall, but skinnier, very soft though but with a lot of length helps in out. Him and my bro normally play top on D, leaving me to play baseline as I have a good understanding on where to be and I am great at boxing out much larger players.

And our PF is not much taller than me, but he is wide and large. Good mid range shooter, good rebounder and also good passer, his like a glue guy personality. Smart and can bring a team together.

Our bench consist of a back up guard, skinny guy, 5'7, fouls out a lot, but his high energy. Biggest weakness is his black hole defence though. Also not a great passer. His position is just to push the fast break.

A forward, new guy, 6'0, hasn't played much but he learns quick, I've already got him making good cuts, just needs to practice finishing. Not a bad defender and good rebounder.

And another forward, not great skill wise, but high energy and heart. Always gets back on D. He knows his role though, doesn't play out side his skills.

Anyway, we came out a bit rusty, we were down at the end of the first half, 5-15. I missed my first couple shots, we were struggling to contain their size, granted most of their points came of lucky 3's.
In the second half we came out strong and fought back. I got to the ft line, bricked both shots but I did get my own rebound on the second and floated it in. Ended the game with 6.
We ended up winning by 2, I passed to our PF after drawing the D for a wide open J, he hit it, 20 seconds left, there best player drove and our C blocked him. Then we just ran down the clock.
Good win on the first game back.

One thing I did notice and remember, is when I have the ball, everyone tends to stand there and wait for me to make something happen, I'm good at drawing the D and getting a pass off. It get's frustrating, especially when I get trapped or pick it up. I'll look to improve on my skills as we progress.

That's it for now, Laters
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