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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Maybe it's time to quit thinking about what's best for the Knicks. (I tell you, then you disagree, then later you see I'm right).

Now it's just what a lot of you think is best. Knicks should build around future stars hardaway jr And shumpert. Between them and the Felton, chandler, Woodson core this is a contender in the making!

Or maybe just what I like. Of all non ucla nba players I have 4 favorite players. Carmelo, jr smith, bargnani, and NENE

Conclusion : go get nene

I've never seen a post I've disagreed with so much. Nene is not the answer to this teams woes. JR just adds to the teams woes. Woodson is nothing special as a Head Coach. Chandler is either hurt or sick on a regular basis, and is a liability on offense.

Melo, Shump, and Hardaway are players I would love to keep on the team as they have the ability to be, or the potential to be an important piece on a contending team.

Chandler does to, but not at the price we got him at. I really feel like we need to revamp our roster outside of those 3 guys and change up our coaching staff in order to get back on track. The knicks front office has been a mess though, and things will go wrong, as always, for our Knicks.
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