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Default Re: Traveling in South Korea and Japan

Originally Posted by niko
Are you living there right now? We got to have a beer (and some yakitori) sometime when i go back. Unfortunately not this year (for me) because im consulting, even when i find a permanent job i doubt i can take off a few months in. My wife and daughter will go this summer for a few weeks though.
I'm in flux right now. Debating on whether to move back again or bring my family here. I'll probably will try to be there this spring sometime after Sakura week.

Originally Posted by GatorKid117
Awesome, appreciate the help. Seems like the travel and lodging are going to be the biggest issues with me. My buddy told me to try to stay in some manga cafes or something. He gave me his old card and said I could probably get away with it. Definitely traveling on a budget so the cheaper the better.

I have a friend in Kagoshima already but she's pretty busy so not sure if were going to be able to meet up. Plus, Kagoshima is like in the opposite direction of every other major city so I don't know if it would be worth it. Basically, I'm not sure what major cities to hit so any suggestions would be great.

One day my man, one day.

I was planning on taking the ferry over to Japan as well (which I assume your doing). Seems pretty straight-forward.

What is this noodle stadium?
So you can stay in 24 hour cafe's, maido cafe, if it were only a couple of nights thats not unheard of, you can find hostels there as well but they are pretty tiny and cramped. If you're backpacking then I can see staying in 24 hour cafe's or McDonalds even Karaoke clubs.

Kagoshima my father in law is from there. Their Japanese dialect is different. Thats an old trading city. But unless you have to see your friend I suggest definitely going north. Mostly everything will be in English though as far as traveling.

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