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Default Re: Traveling in South Korea and Japan

Originally Posted by Rameek
I'm in flux right now. Debating on whether to move back again or bring my family here. I'll probably will try to be there this spring sometime after Sakura week.

So you can stay in 24 hour cafe's, maido cafe, if it were only a couple of nights thats not unheard of, you can find hostels there as well but they are pretty tiny and cramped. If you're backpacking then I can see staying in 24 hour cafe's or McDonalds even Karaoke clubs.

Kagoshima my father in law is from there. Their Japanese dialect is different. Thats an old trading city. But unless you have to see your friend I suggest definitely going north. Mostly everything will be in English though as far as traveling.

Do not forget this last train means LAST TRAIN! I had to learn that lesson the hard way a few times.

Plus not every train goes every stop. Sometimes got the last train going to a stop that wasn't where we needed. Your'e just ****ed, cabs are so expensive, and train stations are far from each other.
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