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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I don't see what makes him think he can clean out WW. He coasted at the end of the GSP fight and lost because of that. He had a close fight vs Condit and almost lost to Koscheck. That's not someone that should be looking at the MW division, for now.
it's true those were all close fights, but it's also true that he was still the better fighter every time. one with devastating fists that the opponent constantly has to worry about. not to mention, throw in the rest of his fights, and you see a guy who blasts other fighters with regularity.

point is, it's not a crime for a champion to win some tight decisions. not to mention, his attack is still not all that diverse... so his upside is still pretty impressive, i think.

i'm not particularly a fan of his (condit's my man), but i can indeed see him cleaning out WW, eventually.
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