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Default Ever had phone sex?

So I watched "Her" today, and in a very early scene(so it isn't a spoiler) he finds a random chick online and they do pretty much just that. Now, I know not a whole lot of people can probably understand phone sex.

There's always a trigger. You're on the phone, and talking about how much you miss one another, it gets emotional, then she says something like "If I were with you right now...what would you do?"

During phone sex you gotta describe what you imagine you're doing to the other person in you're imaginary scenario. And vice-versa. I usually would start things off slow. Maybe you tell her she had just gotten home from work, and it was a rough day. She's in a rough spot. So you go to comfort her. Hold her. You caress her. The next thing you know your hands are running across each other's bodies. Then it escalates from there.

I've done it with two chicks. You know, I gotta go out of town, out of country or something. We'd get really graphic with it too. These chicks were really into it too. They'd put the phone down next to know, so I could hear how wet they were. A barrage of squish squish squish sounds with moaning in the background.

The only problem I ever really had with it, is with both of them I was always in the driver seat. Every now and then if I asked they'd build upon the fantasy I already constructed. But usually they'd be like "keep going, tell me more." It can be a little tougher to fap while you're constructing this elaborate fantasy on the fly.

But hearing a chick you know and care for getting her rocks off based on a fiction you're creating...yeah, it can be hot.

I've had webcam sex too. It's different because when you can see each other it's hard to imagine these fictitious scenarios. The upside to that is you have visual and auditory stimulation. You can ask each other to do things. Like have her bend over naked on the edge of her bed.

Well, this is embarrassing, but I doubt I'm the only one. the movie he's having phone sex and the chick asks him to choke her with a dead cat.
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