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Default Re: The Matrix is the greatest movie ever made.

I had a crazy ass dream the other night and I think it was after looking at this thread.

I kept hitting my snooze alarm for another ten minutes of sleep and in the dream itself I was half in and out of sleep.

At one point I was sleeping on my couch and I woke up and looked my TV and it was totally different. At that point my front door unlocked and I said Honey, what happened to our TV, but it wasn't my wife. I realized that I someone went into the wrong apartment and fell asleep. I started freaking out and apologized to her and all of a sudden we are having sex.

A bunch of other crazy stuff happened that I can't remember, then I went to walk my dog and another dog came by and was growling at my dog and I'm look at this dog and it's about 5 feet away from me, but I feel it biting my finger. That felt really real. And I couldn't understand how I could be looking at this dog 5 feet from any part of my, but know that it was biting my finger. And I realized that I was feeling things like 20 seconds in the future. The bite felt as real as anything I have ever dreamed.

Then the woman who I had sex with walked by and thanked me for before, but she looked much different, same face, but a much hotter body.

The first half of the dream was a bunch of crazy shit happening and the second half of the dream was like I was kind of aware I was in some weird state like being drugged or hypnotized or something.

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