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Default Re: Uk Stops Housing benefits To jobless EU migrants

Originally Posted by fiddy
Really? Because from what i have heard UK has crappy health care system, you go to a doctor and that mfer treats everything with aspirin.
Not true at all, NHS is the greatest healthcare system in the world for a country that big.

The only weakness is sometimes there is a long waiting list to see doctors, but its completely free so what can you complain about. They have private doctors here too of course if you want to pay for them.

My brother was here for Christmas a few years ago, he got pnemonia and I had to take him to the emergency room, they sent an ambulance and treated him, they didnt need his passport, ID or anything. I couldnt believe it. They just took him in no questions asked. In the US an ambulance and emergency room treatment probably costs $2000+ or something ridiculous. Also you have to fill out so much paperwork before they treat you.

NHS isn't perfect but its much better then the US system and from what I understand one of the top national healthcare systems in Europe for a country as big as the UK.

They do prescribe paracetamol or Ibuprofen as the solution to a lot of problems but thats not to take away from the good work they do otherwise.

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