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Default Re: How old do you think you can carry on playing basketball til?

Originally Posted by Hollowman
I agree with the above posts about players being older and still effective.

I've come against guys in their 40's and even 50's who are very skilled players. As long as you still enjoy playing is the first step. I don't think there is necessarily a max age (realistically) that should stop you playing.

I recently turned 30 and thought I may start to notice a drop in speed (I play SG), but I feel just as quick as I did when I was 25 if i'm being honest. I stay in shape, play twice a week and try to keep improving.

Don't let an age being a negative impact on improving your game.
Yup. I think a huge part of it is mental. Knowing age 30 was a round the corner, I admit I hit some confidence snags on the hardwood over the last year, only because I began to let myself wonder, "Alright, is this when I'm going to start losing my athleticism? Will I see a big decrease in my skill now?" And merely thinking that kind of made it happen at times.

However, it turns out I'm still pretty much the same guy. I will say, the major thing that may end up hampering those who plan on playing until 50: lingering injuries. From what I've gathered, soreness and random injuries begin adding up as we age, so I can see that being a deterrent to many. I've experienced some of that over the past year. Random things like back soreness and elbow tendinitis can add up at times.
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