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Default Re: Uk Stops Housing benefits To jobless EU migrants

Originally Posted by fiddy
Really? Because from what i have heard UK has crappy health care system, you go to a doctor and that mfer treats everything with aspirin.

That's just rubbish the media has fed you. I'm sure they used words such as socialism too when talking about a government controlled health care system. You can still have private health care if you want it. My mum has a BUPA health care plan. The NHS is there for anyone who needs it, especially the people who can't afford to pay for private insurance.

I still fail to understand how Americans seem opposed to the idea. I have absolutely no problems paying Tax money towards the NHS even though I barely use it.

The benefits system has changed in that jobless immigrants can't immediately claim housing and income support the moment they step into the country. There has also been cases of families claiming child support for children that don't live in the U.K. While I do think the benefits system is misrepresented it's also in need of reform. It's too easy to cheat the system that has been set up to help genuine cases.

All this makes **** all difference to paying back the national debt. The only way we can secure ourselves from falling back into a recession is to reform the banking sector. We can start by taking away the power for private banks to generate money out of thin air. Which is what they do.
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