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Default Re: Uk Stops Housing benefits To jobless EU migrants

Taken from this article

"They will also only be able to claim jobseeker's cash for six months, unless they have a "genuine" chance of work."

I see the word genuine as a huge loop hole. A lot of the immigrants in the UK are from Eastern Europe; specifically Romania, Poland and Kosovo. The majority of them work in construction so it's easy for them to take them to work one day and say they're employed.

The UK Government website says jobseeker's allowance gets taxed but maybe if there was a higher tax rate on it for migrants it could deter them from playing the system? Or the rate increases periodically the longer you claim it. I don't know if they already do this.

I couldn't imagine a system different to the NHS working. In the USA, if you can't pay for treatment you don't get it or you receive a large bill which seems messed up to me. If a homeless person gets attacked how do they pay for it?
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