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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

o man, the mayweather pacquaio bullsh*t continues. I wish reporters would stop asking mayweather about it because he always has a new insane reason/excuse ready to spit out...for example, now he is clowning pacquaio for his tax problems as if mayweather himself hasn't had several IRS issues in the past, as well...or saying why should he fight Marquez's leftovers as if he isn't choosing to fight Presscott's leftovers. People have to stop believing anything mayweather says in any interview...he speaks as a promoter (and promoters never speak the truth).

And now manny says he would fight mayweather for charity which is just as laughable.

But besides that, there is a lot of great talent in boxing right now that we should be focusing on instead.

So thats hopefully my one and only mayweather/manny rant for the year lol
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