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Default Re: On a scale of 1 through 10, how good is life?

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
10, just being alive is an incredible thing. It saddens me knowing that I will be dead some day

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
10/10. All the work our ancestors have put forth have made this a truly great experience. You have to get yourself under control though and really not let stuff outside yourself effect your state of being too much. It's a balance between calculating and letting go... and realizing that some things are totally unpredictable. Emotions can also be used to magnify experiences and when you have your emotions in check they will only be useful instead of a nuisance.

I think once you get outside yourself too and start wanting to be of service for others it opens up a new world. The time you spend on yourself are magnified that much more. That's what I have found anyway.

True, living is always a 10/10, especially in this time. But it can get hard to build a world for yourself to be happy in at the same time.

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
6/10 I don't have time to enjoy the good things in life right now.

i was at the bowling alley at 10 a.m on a weekday, and their was a bunch of old and happy people enjoying themselves, thats the life.

Originally Posted by alenleomessi
after watching the wolf of wall street, i am at 0, maybe 0.5
you still have more than him which is your freedom, and health.

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Compared to everyone in the world? - 8/10

- I'm white and live in the US.

Compared to people my age? - 6/10

- Graduated college, barely any debt, no job in the career I want.

Compared to my ideal version of myself/position I want to be in?

.5/10 - I hate myself and can't pursue anything here.

my ideal self is very attainable but will never reach it. i would easily feel life is a 10/10 if i could get their.
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