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Default Re: Drake killin it on SNL

Originally Posted by hateraid
I think the element that's missing from the show now is actors who can create and develop hilarious characters. the Dana Carveys, Will Ferrells, Mike Myers who've made characters popular like Church Lady, Hans and Frans, Titans Spirits, Wayne's World.....
I used to look forward to seeing these characters from week to week. Most of the material now is making fun of current events, pop culture and celebrities.

I don't think any of the current cast members have the talent of Carvey or Ferrell, so I'm not holding out for character's of their quality (although characters are sometimes over used so I don't mind too much). I think part of the reason that it is hard to come up with characters is that so much of the cast is new and have not had time to get their characters repeating enough. For example, Beck Bennett had a hilarious character as a man in a baby's body that I believe will be a recurring character, but he is brand new and hasn't had time to do the character again yet.

Here is a list of recurring characters that shows they still do plenty of this: hes

My favorite recurring characters/skits currently are Anthony Cripino and Drunk Uncle (both Moynihan), Jebidiah Atkinson (Killam), Employee Termination Call-Outs (Moynihan & Strong), Girlfriends Talk Show (I hate Strong in this, but Aidy Bryant makes up for Strong), and Principle Frye (Pharoah).

J-Pop America Fun Time Now and What Up With That are 2 skits that featured current cast members, but have been retired due to supporting cast members leaving. There are other skits recurring skits that were good that have been put to rest due to other cast members leaving. For example, Killam killed the Merryville Carnival Ride skits, but it wouldn't be the same with Hader gone. Given time, the current cast will continue creating new characters as has always ocurred on SNL. For many of them, this is the first year that they are seen as the stars that writers want to write for, so even those who have been around for a while weren't always front and center with their characters due to veteran bias.
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