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Default Re: Drake killin it on SNL

Originally Posted by hateraid
damn that dude is hilarious!
I've caught 2 shows with him, the last one and the Jimmy Fallon one. He did an impression of Aston Kutcher that killed it! He's so Dana Carveyesque in the ways he not only can imitate, but can overact their quirks and make it even funnier. I hope the writers can give him a signature character (does he already have one?).
he's got me back interested in the show. That Kate McKinnon impression of Beiber She's a keeper too. Sheri Oteri like

I think Oteri is a good comparison for McKinnon because of the energy they bring. Oteri was a little more energetic, and McKinnon is a little better at impressions.

Killum is probably the most talented (although Moynihan's delivery gets me the most), and I agree with your assessment of him. In his first couple episodes I had him pegged as Hader's eventual replacement. He has stood out with his impressions (that are funny and pretty accurate) and his digital short songs. I wouldn't say he has a signature character, but as I said before, his Jebidiah Atkinson is funny (a weekend update character), and he killed the Merryville Carnival Ride skits that are now defunct.

Additional note: He is married to Colbie Smulders.
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