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Default Re: What are your "Team Needs"???

I like the "dream" lineup but I would prefer keeping more players then adding new ones out of loyalty.
I say out of Jason Kapono, Eddie Jones, and James Posey try to keep two for the minimum amount spent. I would love to keep all three since they all have good qualities but there wouldn't be enough minutes to go around. I say let go of Kapono. Even though he's deadly from three, he's only capable of hitting an open jumper. He's too slow to create his own shot or play tight D. Both Eddie and Posey can hit the three with some consistency, also they are both more atheletic than Kapono.

Have Shaq and Udonis at the frontcourt. Unfortunately I doubt we'll be able to trade Walker away. His contract for the season is around 8 mil and he's not playing like an 8 mil baller. No team is gonna want to pay that much money for not so much talent. He's not helping by only shooting 27%ish last year and shooting under .500 from FT. I say we should chase after Artest or Lewis if we can but I sort of doubt we'll get them unless one of them has a mindset of going to Miami.

As for a guard, I would prefer AC Law over Javaris but we'll all see how that'll turn out. Either way, Riley's not replacing Jason Williams with a rookie until at least mid-season or so unless our injury-prone guard goes down. So I think..

C Shaq
PF Udonis
SF Artest/Lewis(Best situation) or Eddie Jones/James Posey
SG Wade
PG Jason Williams(whose mins will go down as season progresses)

Key Bench:
Eddie Jones and or James Posey
Javaris Crittenton/AC Law
Antione Walker
Alonzo Mourning

If we're lucky enough to get AC Law and he progesses ridiculous at Chris Paul pace then hopefully he'll be a starting factor in the playoffs. Either way, we definitely have a favorable shot to win the East as long as we have a healthy Wade and Shaq playing good basketball.
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