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Default Opinions on sacrificing categories?

Hey ya'll, I'm only in my second year of fantasy hoops and am still trying to work on my strategy. It's a ten team league, 9CAT.

I'm curious on what you guys think of sacrificing/tanking categories? I would try and tank free throws because I already have Drummund who people say is a top 510 player when you don't count FT%.It is perhaps a strength category for my two biggest competitors (3 teams, including myself) are dominating the league right now.

I have a hard time pulling the trigger on a deal or two though because I feel like it really diminishes the value of my best players, George, Melo, Lawson, Millsap...

Any people out there who regularily tank have any advice for me on how to go about sacrificing categories? Do I have to start the strategy during the draft to competently pull off the strategy?

Thanks in advance. And if you need steals and blocks (who doesnt?!) GO GET JAMES JOHNSON.
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