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Default Re: 2014 Australian Open of Tennis

Originally Posted by bdreason
Hate to see any match decided by injuries, but I'm glad Wawrinka won.

I still stand by my earlier point that injury timeouts needs to be looked at. I remember last season I think it was Azarenka was in the middle of choking away a match to Stephens (I think), and she decided to take a 10 minute "injury" timeout. When play resumed it was a completely different match, which Azarenka went on to win.

Imagine something similar being allowed in other sports. Getting your ass kicked in Boxing/MMA... oh wait 10 minute break please. NFL team is driving down the field for the winning TD... oh wait 10 minute break please.
It doesn't apply there because in boxing/MMA injuring your opponent is actually the desired result. In team games, players can be substituted.
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