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Default Next target ??????

I just want to say IT SUCKS!!!!! (could have been a great addition) see Salmons choose the raptors over PHX .

How will be our next target ???

Deshawn Stevenson, can do everything except knoking down the 3 consistently.

J. Jeffries- great defender, can play almost every position, very versatile, but doesn't a polish offensive game.

Marcus Banks would be great, needs to be more consistent, but at what price ????

Rasual Butler- Great shooter, good defender, athletic, could fit in nicely (Well everyone I just mention would fit with the suns without a doubt).

Any bigman would be an upgrade - Elson, Pollard, L. Wright, K. Cato, Ely, A. Henderson, M. Jackson. Anyone except Olowokandi !!!!!!!!!!!

I nearly forgot, Fred jones would be great too

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