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Default Re: The Knicks Official Regular Season Game Thread.

Originally Posted by knickscity
The only thing I got from the article is what everyone has said over and over again...

He needs to pass more and shoot less, and at least the article is concrete proof that his teammates are good enough to hit a basket if he freely and willingly gave up the ball in the right spots....NOT KICKOUTS.

Not really surprised Pablo and Tyson woiuld be exceptions....

Pablo doesnt really shoot at all, and Tyson basically is lobs at best on offense with an ocassion jumper.

But speaking of articles, this one really interesting......

According to the player tracking technology at SportVU, Anthony makes 42.7 passes a game. That's comparable to other 20-point-per-game small forwards, such as Miami's LeBron James (49.4), Indiana's Paul George (46.7), Orlando's Arron Afflalo (44.2) and Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant (37.7). Of Anthony's 42.7 passes, about 6.5 a game would become assists if his teammates hit all the shots they created. In other words, about 15% of Anthony's passes lead to a scoring opportunity.

How does that rate rank among the aforementioned group? At the bottom, far behind those of Durant (32%) and James (24%), and still trailing Afflalo (17.8%) and George's (15.2%). Moreover, Anthony's 0.7 "hockey assists" per game—passes that lead to an assist for someone else—are on the low end for the group.


And there it is...concrete data.

Which means the shots aren't being made.... If he passes just as many times but it yields less results, doesn't that say a lot about the teammates he's passing to?

He passes more on this team than anyone not named Raymond Felton. Our starting PG. LeBron is damn near Miami's starting PG at this point and Melo's passes per game aren't far off from his.

You said yourself, Pablo never shoots and Chandler is only good for lobs. Well guess what...that's 2 out of 5 starters. Iman Shumpert is shooting 38% form the field and Felton 41% (29% from 3). So again I ask you...where's the help?
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