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Default Re: The Knicks Official Regular Season Game Thread.

We need guards who can penetrate and dish. This Pablo Shitioni stuff is irking me. He's a waste of minutes. The so called "best PG we have" is getting 3 points and 3 assists yet again, an overrated defender AND he doesn't do anything a PG does on offense. He has no handle. He doesn't penetrate and dish. He's just out there passing the ball around the horn and getting praised for his "ball movement". That's not an asset. that's a liability. He's passing it because he's scared to shoot.

You know how many free throws Pablo Prigioni has shot this year? TWO Two ****ing free throws in 30 games of basketball playing 20 minutes a game. That means you aren't penetrating AT ALL. Which means you are HURTING our ball movement. Not helping it.
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