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Default Re: Incognito/Martin.

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
I'm having a hard time figuring out why Martin didn't speak with the NFLPA investigator. May have had a more benign reason but it seems to me like that may have been advice from his lawyer prepping to sue.

My latest uneducated guess: Incognito thought Martin was cool with it because he was going along while Martin was secretly struggling with it. Martin seems too sensitive for football regardless. I don't like Incognito but that has more to do with the harassing of the golf course girl than this incident. The "culture of football" doesn't excuse any kind of behavior but we should all recognize the possibility that although the language was nasty Incognito's intent wasn't truly malicious.

I think that is what it is too. Like I have said previously, I dont think Incognito is a racist. I just think he is extremely abrasive and confrontational.

Contrast how black players reacted to incognito and riley cooper. Black players on the dolphins were unanimous (correct me if i am wrong) in there support of incognito. I believe mike wallace called him a great guy, and mike pouncey called him his brother. Supposedly he was even considered an honorary black guy.

Cooper on the other hand was ostracized by his teammates, and there was even talk about his teammates not wanting to play with him.

Its obvious that black people close to incognito didnt think of him as a racist. And that tmz video of incognito and pouncey at a bar, proved that they were ok with him using the n-word.

I dont think incognito targeted martin because he was black. I believe that a white player with martin's disposition would have gotten the same treatment. Obviously different slurs would have been used, but it would have been the same treatment. I would even go as far as saying that incognito legitimately didnt think what he was doing was wrong.
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