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Default PC desktop


I want to buy a new desktop PC. I used to play a lot of games till about 6-7 years ago, but now I'm a very casual gamer and only play some older strategy and MMO GAMES. I don't follow the technical development anymore, thus, out of touch with both new games and hardware.

I have now a E6800 Intel with a GT 240 (refurbished PC/external card). I want to play some of the games from the last 2-3 years, and decided to buy a starter/low mid level PC which is upgradable.
I found 2 systems in my price range with different combination of CPU and GPU:
  1. I5 4570 and GTX 650 ($30 CAD less)
  2. I5 4430 and HD 7770
1 has a slightly better CPU and the other has a slightly better GPU. Both are exactly the same in everything else.
I know the difference is not that huge, but which one would u recommend?


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