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Default Re: Nets... probably the most stacked team of our lifetime?

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
He was very Jordan-esque vs Portland on saturday. Best half of his career.

In losing efforts, I would say it was better than the Ross 51 point game in context.
He did play really well yeah, but that turnover Still though, can't fault him he brought us back (along with some nice Lowry 3s) against a top Western conference team, on the road, on a back to back. Call it a moral victory or whatever, but I wasn't too upset about this one after the initial disappointment of losing it in the last possession.

Originally Posted by brooklynsfinest
Nets in first place by March, book it.
There was a thread literally just a month ago about how the Nets have turned over a new leaf and will easily take the division. This was a month ago and they were 3 games out of first. Today, a full month later, they're 4 games out of first. These claims are just funny to other people, because when you look at facts, they seem more delusional than anything. Again, this argument would've sounded much better than you were 9-1 in your last 10, not on a 3 game losing streak. You should time these things better.
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