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Originally Posted by CaptainoftheDebateTeam
You are really arrogant for not knowing much about ball.

Great comeback.

Originally Posted by MrContradiction
Defenders might not think Iverson is as much of a threat to set up teammates but why does that matter??? Iverson is more of a threat to score which draws attention setting up teammates.

So by not doing it he does it better...pure brilliance...with your powers of deduction you have to be a logic major, and I am simply outclassed by your razor sharpe analysis. I take it all back you win

Originally posted by ArrestedTwice4StalkinAI
Plus you AI doesn’t bring intangibles he went to Finals with complete bums

Yes, complete bums, which is why Philly went out and got All Star center Dinkembe Mutumbo after the All Star break...I remember that year well, Deke was the missing piece...So a top defensive center(who was also an all star), a lock down forward at his peak (McKie, 6th man of the year I believe...bum? ), a point guard in Eric Snow who defended well and distributed the ball (hmm I wonder if that has anything to do with success), and a Hall of Fame coach who had them buy into his system....yes complete Bums

Originally Posted by GuyWhoWearsElbowBursistisSleeve2Work
Nash couldn’t make it with Marion, Amare whoring Duncan , and amazing shooters.

No they just got 33 games better his first year, had a 62 win season and took a great team (Spurs) to the brink...complete failure. I am surprised Nashy can show his face in Phoenix.

Originally Posted by AIisHotShirtless
Another thing is Phoenix doesnt have to play the SAME STYLE. They could try DEFENSE. They have the players if AI is there

Great idea, a 6'1" guard is going to teach an entire team to play better defense just because he can d-up. I thought AI was from Virginia, I guess he must have come from Smallville.

Originally Posted by GuyWhoTakesBadShotsAtMyPickupGame
i think that they would have beaten Dallas this year

Having an AI avatar is a conflict of interest in this conversation dude, sorry.

For the record...AI is awesome, a warrior, but there are flaws to his game...the reason why Billy King can't get fair value for him now. It is really tough to win with that guy on your team and that is the bottom line, Nash makes his teams better, the Sixers could have had Diaw (fodder in the Johnson trade) or Thomas (released by Bulls) if they really wanted to saying they are great and the reason Nash is so good is just utter insanity, Nash's unselfishness brought out the strong points in their games, and despite his unmatchable skill set amongst small men, AI ain't got THAT talent, Nash does.
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