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Default Re: Incognito/Martin.

Originally Posted by BasedTom
As a Dolphins fan I can tell you that the O-Line was getting criticized even before the scandal blew up. Martin was not meeting expectations.

It wouldn't be a surprise if he feared getting cut and decided to betray Incognito to cash in. His parents are lawyers, and the media loves stories about bullying, race, etc.
I didn't get that sense reading through the texts. I just think Martin is much more sensitive than he was trying to let on. Incognito didn't realize it in his football/partying haze. It comes off as though Martin was trying to be a good sport and return fire, but it was a show.

It also appeared as though he might be more of a loner who likes to chill at home whereas Incognito is the life of the party type who was constantly trying to coax him to go out. You can see, Martin is constantly making excuses for why he can't go out.

I don't really think anyone is to blame. Just conflicting personalities, except Martin was trying to paint himself as something he wasn't and Incognito didn't realize it.

A sort of really weird incidence of peer pressure.
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