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Thx Deuce.
I was also thinking the same. Anyway, I'll be looking to upgrade after 2 years. I'll wait till a I7 and a decent GPU combo is < $300 and the replace the I5 and the 7770.

In the last years, I've played mainly MMORPG's (Guild Wars 1 & 2), before that Diablo2 (short visit to D3) and some shooting in the like of CrossFire.
I almost stopped playing online games. The only game I am playing now is Path of Exile (few hours a week).

In the last year, I began to play some of the offline games I collected over the years (I have a huge collection of Adventure and RPG games). My steam account has more than 100 games and some of them (Assassin Cread series, Crysis, Metro, Borderlands, Fallout series) just need a new PC to enjoy properly.
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